About Skills Academy

The Skills Academy Edge

  • Highly Experienced Team from the Industry with extensive knowledge of business challenges
  • Top Caliber ‘Owned’ and Certified Trainer pool with ongoing development and growth opportunities
  • Business Focused and Metric Driven training solutions customized to align with organizational needs
  • Strategic Alliances and Global Networks to provide industry recognized certifications and domain & business programs through Master Trainers and in-house Subject Matter Experts
  • Ubiquitous Training Delivery Solutions through flexible delivery platforms – computer based, Instructor led training, self-learning to enable quick dissemination via anywhere, anytime learning environment


  • We believe that people understand and retain skills better through stories and experiential learning – our programs are built around storytelling and simulated on-the-job training
  • We believe that skill acquisition is better demonstrated than explained, and skills are developed through a discovery process – our portfolio approach builds thinking skills and captures evidence of learning
  • We believe that people learn better through collaboration – we use small group activities in class, and collaborative peer activities in a distance learning environment
  • We believe that learning should be fun – we will add gamification elements to our learning process
  • We incorporate Critical mistake analysis into the learning interventions based on key assignments designed in consultation with the partner organization

Core Competencies

The design, management and implementation of large scale training solutions in the area of employable skills.

Commitment to learners

We accompany them on their journey to employment by providing ongoing support and creating opportunities for vertical career progression within their sector. This leads to long term sustainable employment

Focus on employer’s requirements

For employers, our unique employment solution approach takes into account industry requirements, company culture and the employer’s requirements. For Employers we create complete training solutions. No two training courses are ever the same – each takes into account the type of learner we are working with and each module is tailored to the requirements of the industry and the employer.

Industry partnerships

Skills Academy ensures an Industry demand led training approach – by working in partnership with industry and sector experts to ensure candidates meet sector specific and employer needs. We work with government, industry, educational training partners, accreditation and testing agencies for successful design, implementation and delivery of our programmes and are committed to training for those industries (whether formal or informal) where the need is the greatest. Our solutions always start with employers who need workers. Working in partnership with industry and sector experts, we create programmes to mobilise, train and place workers that match the industry or employer’s specific requirements.


Skills Academy provides sustainable employment solutions. We are keen to accompany entry-level workers on their journey through training to employment and onwards towards career progression.

Our Approach

Our approach combines strong operational experience with Industry best practices to build ready-to-deploy workforce.

Hiring & training operations built on technology and analytics ensure reliable supply of quality talent at reduced costs

  • Sourcing from appropriate channels from right socio-economic strata
  • Assessments and selection criteria built on current best performers
  • Post placement performance tracking on productivity, retention and key delivery metrics
  • Develop a formal governance mechanism for direction and monitoring of program

Our Presence