Skills Academy Pvt Ltd is a social entrepreneurial venture started by Mr. Pramod Bhasin (Founder of Genpact, Ex-Chairman NASSCOM, known as ‘Father of Indian BPO Industry’) and Ms. Pia Singh (Director DLF Ltd) in the domain of skill development and training programs. Our key objective is to make skill development opportunities accessible to a cross-section of society across India and achieve excellence across sectors to maximize impact and efficiency. We have leveraged our strong network with the industry across sectors to forge annuity business partnerships. Our aim is to work with organizations who share and support our endeavor of improving people’s lives through skill development and sustainable employment solutions.

Our Mission

Aspiration and Awareness

Ensure Skilling has an aspirational and monetary value; create awareness jointly with learners, industry and partners’

Operating Framework

Setup an end-to-end operating framework from identifying demand to successfully placing candidates

Develop Frameworks

Develop a framework by which ‘skilling’ will have the same perceived value as education in our country

Create Skilling Models

Build a robust learner paid model and get the industry to value skilling as an initiative and compensate for this

Deliver Experience

Deliver high quality experience for both learners and employers.

Virtual Alliances

Create ‘virtual’ alliances with global institutions and governments to drive curriculum, provide advisory support and deploy mentors as appropriate. Help learners get right jobs (including self-employment) that they would ordinarily not be able to get themselves

Paths to Progress

Plan for ‘paths to progress’ to drive mobilization and careers

Create Job Networks

Build an effective nation-wide ‘job network’ for the organized and unorganized sectors to drive placements

Empowering Youth

Work towards empowering trainees/ learners from rural, semi-urban,  urban areas and socially excluded groups, from states with high unemployment rates, including uneducated and partially educated youth


Youth Trained across 15 states in 3 years. Delivering training programs to move youth, especially from low-income families, into sustained employment.

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Youth to impact in 5 years. Make skill development opportunities accessible to youths from a cross-section of society across India.

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40+ Centres

across rural and urban India. Established significant reach and distribution in Rural and Urban India along with strong network for job placements.

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15+ Sectors

Training offerings across a wide spectrum of sectors including Services and Technical with a top Caliber Certified Trainer pool.

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Chairman’s Message

We are going through some very interesting times for the Skills Area in our country. There is an increasing focus and recognition of the need to build a very strong foundation for developing skills as well as a better understanding of the gaps that exist currently. As we look to expand our own operations, we are also seeing an increasing awareness of the need for training our work forces much much better than in the past.

Our goal as Skills Academy is to build an institution that has the capability to train tens of thousands of people in all parts of our country specially those parts where jobs are hard to come by. And over time, while we will continue to work with a variety of Government programs, we will increase our focus on student paid training programs that allows us to build a sustainable institution, and increase our presence across new geographies.

We also want to build a company where our employees feel happy and energized at work. Although we are spread out across many centres and States, we will invest in training for our own employees and an operating framework that is common for our various centres – so that the quality of work is consistent. We have a lot to do in this area, but I hope you will feel that this can improve both the quality of our training and the ease with which we can expand.

We must also build great networks with employers. I know we already place thousands of people in good positions and we must expand this network so that Skills Academy does get known by our students for finding them better jobs and prospects than anyone else. On the Corporate side, we have some marquee clients and the pace of our revenue should also see growth over the next few months.

In the meantime, we are committed to build a sustainable brand and a great Skills business.

Pramod Bhasin – Chairman


Success Stories

Haider lost his father when he was very young. His father, the only source of income for the family worked as contract labour and earned Rs. 15,000. Having lost its only earning member, the family slipped into uncertainty and poverty. His mother started working at a local beauty parlor to fulfill the basic needs of the family. Haider cleared his higher secondary exams this year and his only dream is to help provide basic facilities for his family. Immediately after his training, Haider was selected at Dunkin Donuts for the profile of a team member… Read more
Haider Ali: Dunkin Donuts, New Delhi
Asking for help felt unreal – Asha saw herself as an independent and confident woman. Albeit the thought of admitting that she was being abused by her husband engulfed her with shame. Overcoming her fears, Asha, a ‘geriatric assistant’ student at the Skills Academy centre in Mamura, Noida spoke her heart to the counsellors and centre team about the physical and emotional torture she had been subjected to throughout her marriage. Asha, 24 comes from a small part of Srinivaspuri in Delhi where women are treated as slaves and having a voice is unacceptable…Read more
Asha Devi: Dharamshila Hospital, Delhi